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Privacy Policy

The Innocent’s Guide will inevitably come to possess personal information that is submitted by users as they use our website. Names, addresses, email addresses, messages, etc, are some examples of the type of data that is collected. To ensure transparency and build trust, this privacy policy is in place. All users who browse or use this website agree to the terms in this policy. 


  1. Nothing collected will ever be sold to third parties.

  2. You may contact us at any time to request we delete any data we have of you.

  3. Personal information will be used to respond to messages, provide receipts for donations, deliver course certificates, or any other basic administrative functions.

  4. Any stories shared about your personal experiences will never be shared with anyone outside of the organization unless express permission was granted. We will analyze your experiences to track the frequency of false accusations and build better courses or content on how to fight back.

  5. Only the absolute minimum of data will be collected. Data collected that will not be put to any use will be deleted. 

  6. Cookies are used as a part of standard website traffic monitoring. Nothing identifying is collected. We used 3rd party services like Google Analytics to see how our content is performing and what we can do to improve interest. You can set your web browser or use a Google Analytics opt out browser add on to block cookie use. 

  7. You are responsible for protecting any password you generate. 

  8.  Any physical data created will be locked and be restricted for official nonprofit use only.

  9. We frequently include links to other websites. We have no say on their policies and are not responsible for their content. Click at your risk only. 

  10. We may modify this privacy policy at any time. Please check back frequently if there are any changes. 


Thank you for your understanding.

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